Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Stream US-Georgia:  Everything to the well-known Golf masters in Augusta
Auktionshaus TV
Stream Germany:  Auction TV
Aullidos TV
Stream Spain:  Film trailers and interviews.
Australian Open TV
Stream Australia:  Tennis matches of the Australian Open
Australian open TV (AO TV)
Stream Australia:  Australian open TV (Tennis)
Austria TV
VoD Austria:  Entertainment TV-Station
Auto Bild TV
Stream Germany:  TV-Station from the Auto Bild newspaper
Auto Motor und Sport TV
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the magazine Auto Motor & Sport
Auto Presse TV
Stream Germany:  All about cars
Auto Repair Vids
Stream US-California:  Video blog showing you how to repair your automobile. Video
Stream Germany:  All about cars
Stream France:  All about cars
Stream Germany:  All about cars
Automanager TV
Stream Germany:  Information about cars
Automotive Rhythms
Stream US-Maryland:  Car videos
Autoplenum TV
Stream Germany:  Car videos.
Stream US-California:  Spanish language car videos.
Autoren TV
Stream Germany:  German-language literature readings
Stream France:  All about cars
Avec Eric
Stream US-New York:  Video recipes from Le Bernadin chef Eric Ripert.
Average Betty
Stream US-California:  A funny cooking show
Aviation spectator
Stream US-New York:  Find videos on all types of aircrafts right here.
VoD Belgium:  News from Sint-Denijs-Westrem
Avus TV
Stream Germany:  The engine magazine
Avviso Family Life TV
Stream Italy:  Entertainment for the whole family
Awkward Pictures
Stream US-New York:  Watch funny shorts and comedy sketches
Stream US-California:  Animation World Network Television
Axis of Comedy TV
Stream US-New York:  Comedy TV
AXN Austria
Stream Austria:  Entertainment TV-Station
AXN Czech Republic
VoD Czech Republik:  Entertainment TV-Station
AXN Portugal
Stream Portugal:  Entertainment TV-Station
AXN Romania
No Stream Romania:  Entertainment TV-Station
AXN Spain
Stream Spain:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Germany:  German-Turkish mirror from Berlin. For all, who want to be more tolerant.
Stream Germany:  Religous TV-Station
Azio TV
VoD Taiwan:  Entertainment TV-Station
AZPBS Phoenix
Stream US-Arizona:  Education TV from the Arizona State University
Azteca 13 Internacional
No Stream Mexico:  Entertainment TV-Station
AZTV Azerbaijan TV
256 kB Azerbaijan:  National television channel
Stream US-Florida:  Rapp videos from B.O.B.
B4U (Bollywood for you, India)
Stream India:  Entertainment TV-Station
B4U (Bollywood for you, U.K.)
Stream U. Kingdom:  Entertainment TV-Station
B92 TV
Stream Serbia:  News TV-Station
Babelgum TV
Stream US-New York:  WEB-TV with videos across a wide spectrum of categories.
Baby TV
Stream US-Florida:  Baby TV
Baby TV Channel France
Stream France:  Channel for young parents
Baby TV Channel Israel
Stream Israel:  Channel for young parents
Baby TV Channel Netherlands
Stream Netherlands:  Channel for young parents
Baby TV Channel U.K.
Stream U. Kingdom:  Channel for young parents
BabyFirst TV
Stream US-Virginia:  The nation's first channel for babies