Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Osna-1 TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Osnabrueck
Stream Croatia:  Local TV-Station from Zegreb.
Owensboro Channel 75
Stream US-Kentucky:  Community Television (Owensboro)
Stream US-North Carolina:  Local TV-Station from Goldsboro
Pakistan Television Corp.
Stream Pakistan:  Pakistan National television channel
Pakistan Vision
Stream Pakistan:  Pakistani Entertainment, with an big archive
Panama City Beach (WebCams)
Stream US-Florida:  Holiday Inn (WebCams)
Stream Germany:  Parliamentary TV from the German Bundestag
Parliament House
Stream Australia:  Australian Parliament from Canberra
Parliament of Australia
Stream Australia:  Australian Parliament live
Payam TV
Stream Iraq:  Entertainment TV-Station
Payame Afghan TV
Site Afghanistan:  Entertainment TV-Station from Canoga Park, CA
PCN Pennsylvania Cable Network
Site US-Pennsylvania:  Live stream with QuickTime on website
Stream Germany:  Building the bridge between the Persian and German culture.
PDS TV Ch. 14
Stream US-Florida:  Pinellas County school Television
Pearl TV
Stream Germany:  Consulting and shopping channel.
Pentagon Channel
Stream US-Maryland:  Information's from the Pentagon
Perviy Baltijskyi Muzykalnyi Kanal (PBMK)
Site Latvia:  Music TV-Station
Perviy Muzikalniy Kanal
Stream Belarus:  Music TV-Station from the city of Minsk
Phatbeats Dance TV
Stream U. Kingdom:  Funky House, Electro, Tribal & Soulful
Pinellas 18
Stream US-Florida:  Public Access Channel, Pinellas county
Pio TV
Stream India:  Entertainment TV-Station
Piu Blu Lombardia
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station from Monza
Planet compas
Stream Haiti:  News TV-Station
Platinum TV
Stream Dom. Republic:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station
Polska Telewizja Polvision
Site Poland:  Entertainment TV-Station from Chicago (Live after registration)
Stream Germany:  MAINSTREAM Radio (Webcam with studio view)
Porto Canal
Stream Portugal:  Local TV-Station from Senhora da Hora
Porto Santo TV
Stream Portugal:  Porto Santo Island TV.
Potsdam TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Potsdam
Precencia de Dios
Stream Argentina:  Religous TV-Station
Primo Canale Sport
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station from Genoa
Pro TV International
Stream Romania:  ProTv International provides a 24/7 live broadband (pay TV)
Proyecto 40
Stream Mexico:  Entertainment TV-Station
Puppy Webcam
Stream US-Washington:  Puppy Webcam
Quarto Canale TV
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station from the city of Pagani
QVC Germany
Stream Germany:  Shopping channel
QVC Switzerland
Stream Switzerland:  Shopping channel
Stream U. Kingdom:  Shopping channel
Stream US-Pennsylvania:  The classic Shopping channel
Raah TV
Stream Pakistan:  Religous TV-Station
Raceworld TV Netherlands
Site Netherlands:  Motor sport TV
Radio Bethany
Stream Indonesia:  Radio channel with studio view.
Radio Telemolise S.r.l.
Stream Italy:  TV-Station from Compobasso with VOD
Radio Weser TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Bremen
Radios 100 (Webcam)
Stream Israel:  Radios 100 (Studio view, Webcam)
Stream Italy:  News TV-Station (Italian public television)
Rai Gulp
Stream Italy:  Children's TV-Station
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station (Public service)