´╗┐ Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Hype TV
Stream Jamaica:  Entertainment TV-Station
i Movie Tube
Stream US-New York:  Independent movies and public domain videos.
I want my Flash TV
Stream US-California:  WEB TV-Station from San Francisco
VoD Japan:  Local TV-Station from Ehime
IBA Channel
Stream Israel:  Mabat news-cast live every night.
IBC (IBC Iwate Hoso)
VoD Japan:  Local TV-Station from Iwate
Ictimai TV
Stream Azerbaijan:  Public Television & Radio Broadcasting Company
VoD Ukraine:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Italy:  Web TV from Padova.
Stream France:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Czech Republik:  WEB TV-Station with VOD
IFC tv uncut
Stream US-California:  Different films (registration needs)
IFeng Television
Stream China:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Iran:  Entertainment TV with Iranian films in english.
Igma TV
Stream Philippines:  Entertainment TV-Station
IMBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)
Site Korea, South:  Entertainment and Sport as well. (registration needed)
Imparja TV
No Stream Australia:  Deliver information and communication services to the community
Independent Film Channel (IFC)
Stream US-New York:  Entertainment TV-Station with VOD on website
Indiana Public Media
Stream US-Indiana:  TV-Station from Bloomington. (not always online)
Indie Stars
Stream Austria:  Non commercial short films
Stream U. Kingdom:  Legal films that you can watch on a high quality video player.
Stream Indonesia:  Recorded stream on website
Info Kanal
532 kB Serbia:  Entertainment TV-Station
Info TV
VoD Romania:  Local TV-Station from Arad
Informaci├│n TV
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Alicante
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Valencia
Infotelevisio (Info TV)
Stream France:  Local TV-Station from Valencia
Inland Empire Internet Television (IEITV)
Stream US-California:  Family oriented TV-Station
Inn TV
Stream Austria:  Local TV-Station from Polling
375 kB France:  Movies
Intel Televizija
Stream Macedonia:  Entertainment TV-Station
Inter TV
Stream Ukraine:  Entertainment TV-Station
Interac TV
Stream Italy:  Big video archive
Interactive TV (HypnosIs)
Stream France:  Interactive movie online.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Stream US-Washington:  Internet Movie Database
Internet TV
Stream Switzerland:  Swiss regional TV-Stations on the web
INTV Australia
Stream Macedonia:  WEB-TV Station from Skopje.
intv Ingolstadt
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Ingolstadt
Involve - City Stories
Stream US-New York:  Project from Vanity Fair and Banana Republic
Ionline TV
No Stream US-Florida:  Entertainment TV-Station with many local windows (Palm Beach)
Stream Austria:  Provides TV services through IPTV
Iquique TV
258 kB Chile:  Local TV-Station from Rancagua
Irak Turkmen Cephesi Turkiye Temsilciligi
140 kB Iraq:  Entertainment TV-Station
Iran TV Network
Stream Iran:  TV-Station from the US
IRIB Channel 1
270 kB Iran:  IRIB-Network
IRIB Channel 4
270 kB Iran:  IRIB-Network
IRIB Channel 5
100 kB Iran:  IRIB-Network
Irida TV
Stream Greece:  Local TV-Station from Rhodos.
Iriense Web TV
Stream Italy:  WEB TV-Station from Voghera
Iris TV
280 kB Macedonia:  Entertainment TV-Station