Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Alava 7
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Vitoria
ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Berlin
Alfold TV
Site Hungary:  Entertainment TV-Station
Algor TV
Site US-Pennsylvania:  Demonstration of Algor software
Alhurra TV
Stream Iraq:  Entertainment TV-Station from the US
Almajd Al Hadeeth Al Nabawy
Site Saudi Arabia:  Religous TV-Station
Alpen TV
Stream Austria:  Vacation TV-Station for the entire alpine region
Alpen Welle TV
Stream Switzerland:  Folk Music
Alwatan TV
Stream Kuwait:  Religous TV-Station
Amasya TV
Site Turkey:  Local TV-Station from Amasya
Amazon Sat Channel
Stream Brazil:  Live TV right from Manaus
America 2
Stream Argentina:  Entertainment TV-Station
Analog tv Timisoara
Stream Romania:  Local TV-Station from Timisoara
Andalucía TV (RTVA)
Stream Spain:  Entertainment TV-Station from Andalusia
Andisheh News
Stream US-California:  Entertainment TV-Station
Angel TV (Trinity TV)
Stream India:  Religous TV-Station
Antena 1
Stream Romania:  General TV-Station
Antena 2
Stream Romania:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antena 3
Stream Spain:  TV-Station from Antenna 3 Televisión, S.A. Madrid (private)
Antena Latina
Stream Dom. Republic:  Local TV-Station from Santo Domingo
Antenna 3
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antenna 6
Stream Italy:  TV Station on the WEB
Antenna Sicilia
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station
Antenna Sud
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station with VOD
Aperipe Aracaju
Stream Brazil:  Local TV-Station from Aracaju (SE).
Aquanet TV
Stream Germany:  Television for fish tank fans!
Arca TV
Stream Brazil:  Religous TV-Station
Archipelagos TV
Stream Greece:  WEB TV-Station.
Arcoiris 49
Stream Dom. Republic:  Entertainment TV-Station
Ariana Afghanistan TV
Site Afghanistan:  News TV-Station from Orange (U.S.A.)
Arizona House
Stream US-Arizona:  Arizona House of Representatives (different streams)
Arizona State Senate
Stream US-Arizona:  4 different streams on website
Ark TV
Stream Brazil:  Local TV-Station from Curitiba
ART TV (Amasya TV)
Stream Turkey:  Entertainment TV-Station
Asia Update TV
Stream Thailand:  News TV-Station
Asianet Global
Stream India:  Recorded NEWS on Website
Aso Sat
Site Sweden:  Kurdish Entertainment TV-Station
Astra TV
Stream Greece:  News TV-Station
Astro Center TV
Stream France:  Lock at your stars
Astro TV
Stream Germany:  Show your stars Television
Athens-Clark County (ACTV, Granicus)
Stream US-Georgia:  Athens-Clark County TV
Athina Web TV
Stream Greece:  Local TV-Station from Athens.
Stream Hungary:  Major TV-Station with VOD news
ATV Andina TV
Stream Peru:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Egypt:  Religious Christian TV
Auktionshaus TV
Stream Germany:  Auction TV
Auto Bild TV
Stream Germany:  TV-Station from the Auto Bild newspaper
Stream Germany:  Religous TV-Station
Bajo Techo TV
Stream Dom. Republic:  Entertainment TV-Station
Bali TV
Stream Indonesia:  Information from and about Bali