Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Tucscon 12 (the city channel)
Stream US-Arizona:  Local TV-Station from the city of Tucson
TurnTo 10
Stream US-Connecticut:  News TV-Station from Providence New Bedford
TV 2 News
Stream Denmark:  News TV-Station
TV 24
900 kB Latvia:  News TV-Station
TV 9
Stream India:  News TV-Station (Live after registration)
TV Aftenbladet
Stream Norway:  WEB-TV from the Aftenbladet newspaper
TV Agatineau
Stream Canada:  News TV-Station from Gatineau, Quebec
TV Bahia
Stream Brazil:  News TV-Station from Bahia
TV Biznes
Stream Poland:  Business TV.
TV Ciencia
612 kB Portugal:  News on demand.
TV Evropa
Stream Bulgaria:  News TV-Station
TV Kompas
Stream Indonesia:  News TV-Station from Gramedia
TV Net Online TV
VoD Latvia:  News TV-Station
TV news-Hessen
Stream Germany:  TVnews Hessen informs about current events in Hessen
TV Parma
273 kB Italy:  TV-Station with local NEWS from the city of Parma.
TV Pas
VoD Malaysia:  News TV-Station
Stream Russian Fed.:  National News channel
TV School 21
Stream Germany:  Education and news station
TV Telma
Stream Macedonia:  News TV-Station
TV tres24
Stream Spain:  TV-Station from the catalan area
Stream Canada:  VOD-News. Streams in French on website
TV5 News Telugu
Stream India:  News TV-Station
TV7 Bordeaux
Stream France:  News TV-Station
TV9 Telugu
Stream India:  Telugu News Channel
TVI 24
Stream Portugal:  News TV-Station
TVL TV Limburg
VoD Belgium:  VOD-News from Limburg
200 kB Malta:  News TV-Station
TVN 24
Stream Poland:  News TV-Station
Stream Poland:  News TV-Station
Stream Poland:  News TV-Station
TVVI (Televisión Valenciana Internacional)
130 kB Spain:  TV-Station from the city of Valencia.
Tyndall Report
Stream US-New York:  News TV-Station
TZ Muenchen (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper TZ Muenchen.
Stream U. Kingdom:  Entertainment TV-Station
Uckermark Kurier (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Uckermark Kurier.
Ukraine Today
Stream Ukraine:  International TV news network.
Ulke TV
Stream Turkey:  News TV-Station
Stream Turkey:  News TV-Station from Istanbul
Unterhaardter Rundschau (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Unterhaardter Rundschau.
Untertaunus Kurier (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Untertaunus Kurier.
Stream US-Virginia:  News TV-Station from McLean (Magazine)
Usedom Kurier (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Usedom Kurier.
Usinger Anzeiger (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Usinger Anzeiger.
Uydu TV Haber
VoD Turkey:  News TV-Station
Valedosousa TV
Stream Portugal:  Local TV-Station from Vale do Sousa
VoD Turkey:  TV-station of the Vatan newspaper
Verdener Nachrichten (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Verdener Nachrichten.
Vesti Video
Stream Montenegro:  Video Portal of the newspaper Vesti.
Stream Italy:  News TV-Station
Viechtacher Bayerwald Bote (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Viechtacher Bayerwald Bote.