Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Almajd Al Hadeeth Al Nabawy
Site Saudi Arabia:  Religous TV-Station
Stream US-California:  Christian TV in Spanish language
Almere TV
158 kB Netherlands:  Belongs to Big Brother ;-)
Stream Estonia:  Music TV-Station (Estonian Music)
Alpen TV
Stream Austria:  Vacation TV-Station for the entire alpine region
Alpen Welle TV
Stream Switzerland:  Folk Music
Alpha International
Stream Greece:  Entertainment TV from Athens
Alrai TV
No Stream Kuwait:  Entertainment TV from KUWAIT
Alsfelder Allgemeine (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Alsfelder Allgemeine.
Alt-Neuöttinger Anzeiger (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Alt-Neuöttinger Anzeiger.
Altarek TV
Stream US-California:  Religous TV-Station
Altenaer Kreisblatt (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Altenaer Kreisblatt.
341 kB Iceland:  Icelandic senate live. (Not always online)
altMD Video
Stream US-Florida:  For Health & wellness specialists
Altmühl-Bote, Gunzenhauser Zeitung (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Altmühl-Bote, Gunzenhauser Zeitung.
Altoetting TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Altoetting
Altona TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Hambrg Altona
Alwatan TV
Stream Kuwait:  Religous TV-Station
AM 570 KLAC SPORTS Radio Los Angeles
306 kB US-California:  Studio view (Webcam)
am24 TV
Stream Germany:  Car videos.
Amarillo's CW
Stream US-Texas:  Entertainment TV-Station
Amasya TV
Site Turkey:  Local TV-Station from Amasya
Stream Brazil:  Popular Station from Sao Paulo (lifestyle and news)
Amazing Facts TV
300 kB US-California:  Religious TV-Station
Amazing Life TV
Stream Russian Fed.:  Documentary TV from Moscow
Amazon Sat Channel
Stream Brazil:  Live TV right from Manaus
Amberger Nachrichten (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Amberger Nachrichten.
America one
VoD US-Texas:  Big network based in IRVING
America TV
Stream Peru:  Entertainment TV-Station from Lima
America TV
Stream Argentina:  Entertainment TV-Station
America's Test Kitchen TV
Stream US-Massachusetts:  Cooks with easy to use recipes to try out.
America's Value Channel
290 kB US-Florida:  Shopping TV-Station
American Hockey League
Stream Canada:  American Hockey League
American Movie Classics (AMC)
Stream US-New York:  Entertainment TV-Station (Popular cable TV-channel)
American Pregnancy
Stream US-Texas:  Help videos if you are pregnant.
American Rhetoric
Stream US-Texas:  Archive of speeches on video showcasing the history of American rhetoric from past to present
AMI Online TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV of the Messe Leipzig
Amigot corp. (TV Channels NY)
Stream US-New York:  The Amigot corp. bring your TV-station in the Web (different examples)
AMItec Online TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV of the Messe Leipzig
Amos TV
Stream US-New York:  AMOS TV (A Matter of Substance) is the only Television Channel that revolves around your life.
273 kB US-California:  Offering TV broadcast and production. Located in Marina, California.
Amrita TV
Stream India:  TV-Station from Trivandrum
Stream US-California:  Brett on his adventures crosses the country.
Anaheim Angels (MLB TV)
Stream US-California:  The official site of the Anaheims Angels.
Analog tv Timisoara
Stream Romania:  Local TV-Station from Timisoara
And Boris
Stream US-California:  Online web series developed by a husband and wife team.
Andalucía TV (RTVA)
Stream Spain:  Entertainment TV-Station from Andalusia
Andisheh News
Stream US-California:  Entertainment TV-Station
Angel TV (Trinity TV)
Stream India:  Religous TV-Station
ANI (Asia News International)
Stream India:  News TV-Station