Global internetTV Portal - Streams
American Rhetoric
Stream US-Texas:  Archive of speeches on video showcasing the history of American rhetoric from past to present
AMI Online TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV of the Messe Leipzig
Amigot corp. (TV Channels NY)
Stream US-New York:  The Amigot corp. bring your TV-station in the Web (different examples)
AMItec Online TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV of the Messe Leipzig
Amos TV
Stream US-New York:  AMOS TV (A Matter of Substance) is the only Television Channel that revolves around your life.
273 kB US-California:  Offering TV broadcast and production. Located in Marina, California.
Amrita TV
Stream India:  TV-Station from Trivandrum
Stream US-California:  Brett on his adventures crosses the country.
Anaheim Angels (MLB TV)
Stream US-California:  The official site of the Anaheims Angels.
Analog tv Timisoara
Stream Romania:  Local TV-Station from Timisoara
And Boris
Stream US-California:  Online web series developed by a husband and wife team.
Andalucía TV (RTVA)
Stream Spain:  Entertainment TV-Station from Andalusia
Andisheh News
Stream US-California:  Entertainment TV-Station
Angel TV (Trinity TV)
Stream India:  Religous TV-Station
Angler's Tube
Stream US-New York:  Fishing videos to share and enjoy.
Anhui TV
VoD China:  Entertainment TV from the City of Heifei
ANI (Asia News International)
Stream India:  News TV-Station
Animate TV
VoD Japan:  Japanese Mangas
Stream France:  Animal TV
Anime on Demand
Stream Germany:  Anime Movies for free on demand.
Anixe HD
Stream Germany:  Entertainment TV-Station (HDTV)
Answers TV
Stream US-Illinois:  Lifestyle know-how
VoD Greece:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antena 1
Stream Romania:  General TV-Station
Antena 2
Stream Romania:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antena 3
Stream Spain:  TV-Station from Antenna 3 Televisión, S.A. Madrid (private)
Antena 3
Stream Romania:  Entertainment TV-Station (not always online)
Antena Latina
Stream Dom. Republic:  Local TV-Station from Santo Domingo
Antena1 Cluj
Stream Romania:  Local TV-Station from Cluj-Napoca.
Antenna 3
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antenna 3
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station from Castellanza
Antenna 5
Stream Macedonia:  Music TV-Station from Skopje
Antenna 5
300 kB Italy:  Local TV-Station from Empoli
Antenna 6
Stream Italy:  TV Station on the WEB
Antenna Sicilia
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station
Antenna Sud
Stream Italy:  Entertainment TV-Station with VOD
Antenna Uno / Video One / Tele One
Stream Italy:  Local TV-Station from Palermo
Antenne Centre TV (ACTV)
Stream Belgium:  Local TV-Station from La Louvière
Antenne Reunion
VoD Reunion:  Popular TV-Station
AnTeve (Andalas Televisi)
No Stream Indonesia:  Entertainment TV-Station
Antiques TV
Stream U. Kingdom:  Antiques and Art informations
Anzeiger für Sternberg-Brüel-Warin (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Anzeiger für Sternberg-Brüel-Warin.
Aomori Television (ATV)
VoD Japan:  Local TV-Station from Aomori
AP Associated Press
Stream U. Kingdom:  News TV-Station from London
Aperipe Aracaju
Stream Brazil:  Local TV-Station from Aracaju (SE).
Apfel Screencast
Stream Austria:  Apple Videopodcast
Apfelwein TV
Stream Germany:  Video about apple wine
Apolo Channel
VoD Brazil:  Space travel channel
Stream Germany:  Web TV of the pharmacists
Apsua TV
Stream Georgia:  Abkhazian State TV.