Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Rogue Valley Com. TV Publ. Affairs Ch. 30
225 kB US-Oregon:  Rogue Valley's main government access cable channel
SacCounty TV
261 kB US-California:  Government channel from Sacramento County
San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  County Employees Retirement Association
San Joaquin County
Stream US-California:  San Joaquin County TV
San Luis Obispo County (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  San Luis Obispo County TV
Santa Barbara County (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  Santa Barbara County TV
Sarasota Ch. 19
150 kB US-Florida:  Government Television Ch. 19 from Sarasota
Sarasota County (Granicus)
Stream US-Florida:  Sarasota County TV
Seanad Éireann (senate)
1120 kB Ireland:  Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish senate)
Seattle City Council
450 kB US-Washington:  Government issues.
Sedgwick County (Granicus)
Stream US-Kansas:  Sedgwick County TV
Sejm of the Repoblic of Poland
51 kB Poland:  Parliament TV
Seminole County TV
250 kB US-Florida:  Government Television (Seminole County)
Senado legislature
VoD Mexico:  Senate for legislature. Not always online.
Senate Australia
Site Australia:  Australian Senate live
Senate Belgium
225 kB Belgium:  Public meetings of the senate
Senato della Republica (Senato TV)
350 kB Italy:  Live from the Italian Senate
SFGTV (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  Government TV (City and County of San Francisco)
SFGTV2 (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  San Francisco City TV
Shugiin TV
VoD Japan:  House of Representatives
Skagit County (TV21, Granicus)
Stream US-Washington:  Skagit County TV
SLN (Committee Meeting Room)
150 kB Canada:  The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan (Committee Meeting Room)
SLN (Legislative Chamber)
150 kB Canada:  The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan (Legislative Chamber)
Snohomish County (Granicus)
Stream US-Washington:  Snohomish County TV
South Carolina Legislature
Stream US-South Carolina:  South Carolina Senate & South Carolina House of Representatives live
Space Coast Gov't TV (SCGTV)
No Stream US-Florida:  Local TV-Station from Viera
SPD Video
Stream Germany:  Video of the politic party SPD (social-democratic party of Germany)
Suprema Courte de Justicia de la Nacion
Stream Mexico:  What's going on at the court
Tarrant County (Granicus)
Stream US-Texas:  Tarrant County TV
339 kB Turkey:  Turkish Parliament
Tempe 11
Stream US-Arizona:  TV from the City of Tempe, AZ (Government Access TV)
Tennessee House
Stream US-Tennessee:  House & COMMITTEE MEETINGS ON ETHICS session (not always online)
Texas House
VoD US-Texas:  Texas House session live (look at the schedule)
Texas Senate
VoD US-Texas:  Texas Senate session live (look at the schedule, 8 channels)
The California Channel
Stream US-California:  The television camera serving as the eyes and ears of a private CA. citizen
The Florida Senate
Stream US-Florida:  The Florida Senate live session
The Hill (Hill Tube)
Stream US-Distr. of Col.:  Be politically informed with The Hill videos
The Rockville Channel (TRC) 11
273 kB US-Maryland:  TRC provides live and replay coverage of all Mayor and Council meetings.
The White House
Stream US-Distr. of Col.:  Live stream in case of special events
Town of Apple Valley (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  Community TV (Apple Valley)
Town of Chapel Hill (Granicus)
Stream US-North Carolina:  Community TV (Chapel Hill)
Town of Cumberland (Granicus)
Stream US-Rhode Island:  Community TV (Cumberland)
Town of Erie (Ch 8, Granicus)
Stream US-Colorado:  Community TV (Erie)
Town of Gilbert (Ch. 11, Granicus)
Stream US-Arizona:  Community TV (Town of Gilbert)
Town of Lees Summit (Granicus)
Stream US-Missouri:  Community TV (Lees Summit)
Town of Leesburg (Granicus)
Stream US-Virginia:  Community TV (Leesburg)
Town of Lewisville (Granicus)
Stream US-Texas:  Community TV (Lewisville)
Town of Los Gatos (Granicus)
Stream US-California:  Community TV (Los Gatos)
Town of North Kingstown (Granicus)
Stream US-Rhode Island:  Community TV (North Kingstown)
Town of Payson (Ch. 4, Granicus)
Stream US-Arizona:  Community TV (Payson)