Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Deutsche Welle TV U.A.E.
Stream U. A. E.:  Popular NEWS TV from Bonn, Germany
Deutsche Welle TV U.S.A.
Stream US-New York:  Popular NEWS TV from Bonn, Germany
Deutsche Welle TV Ukraine
Stream Ukraine:  Popular NEWS TV from Bonn, Germany
Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen
Stream Germany:  Trade related TV-Station from Kulmbach
Stream Germany:  Health Television from Hamburg
Dhamma Channel (DMC)
Stream Thailand:  A channel to learning about virtue and Buddhist principles. (More on website)
DHD 24 TV (der heisse draht)
Stream Germany:  Announcements TV
Dieu TV
Stream France:  WEB TV-Station from Brea, CA
Dijon TV
Stream France:  Entertainment TV-Station
Dijon TV Club
Stream France:  TV-Station with different Music styles
DNA Lounge (Webcam)
Stream US-California:  DNA Lounge (Webcam)
Doc TV
Stream France:  Medicine TV
Doschauher TV (FH Deggendorf)
Stream Germany:  Produced by students from the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf
Douglas County Television
Stream US-Colorado:  Informative, creative and entertaining programs through DC8, info22, reel54
DR Update
Stream Denmark:  News from the national TV-Station DR
Stream Denmark:  Popular entertainment channel from Söborg
Stream Denmark:  Popular entertainment channel from Söborg
Dresden Fernsehen
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Dresden
Dubai TV
Stream U. A. E.:  National television channel from the emirates.
Dunya News TV
Stream Pakistan:  News TV-Station
DY 365
Stream India:  News TV-Station
Earth TV Network
Stream Germany:  Great Webcam views worldwide (Live @ n-tv)
Ebru TV
Stream Germany:  Lifestyle and culture TV.
Echo TV Global
Stream Greece:  Local TV-Station from Parikoia
ECTV Ecuador TV
Stream Ecuador:  Entertainment TV-Station
Edessa TV
Stream Turkey:  Entertainment TV-Station
Edirne TV
Stream Turkey:  Local TV-Station from Edirne
Edmond Life TV
Stream US-Oklahoma:  Edmond's government information channel.
Edusat WSSE
Stream Poland:  Education TV-Station
Stream U. Kingdom:  Commercial property industry’s online news channel
Ege TV
Site Turkey:  Local TV-Station from Izmir
Ekhbariya TV
Stream Saudi Arabia:  News TV-Station
El Camino TV
Stream El Salvador:  Religous TV-Station
El Dia TV
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Tenerife
El Independiente
Stream Spain:  TV-Station from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
El Televiziya Sirketi
Stream Azerbaijan:  Entertainment TV-Station.
Elonce TV
Stream Argentina:  Local TV-Station from Paraná (not always online)
Emmanuel TV Australia
Stream Australia:  Religious TV-Station (Christian Network)
EPTV Channel 8 (Rocky Mountain Channel)
Stream US-Colorado:  Local TV-Station from Estes Park
ERTU 1 (Al-Oula)
Stream Egypt:  Big network based in Cairo
ERTU 2 (Al-Oula)
Stream Egypt:  Big network based in Cairo
ERTU TV Satellite (Al-Oula)
Stream Egypt:  Big network based in Cairo
Eso TV
Stream Germany:  Eso TV
Eso TV
Stream Hungary:  Eso TV
Eso TV
Stream Romania:  Eso TV
Espace Galaxy TV
Stream France:  Science-Fiction TV
Stream France:  Something to laugh
Stream Spain:  Basque television, with several radio programmes
Stream Estonia:  Entertainment TV-Station
ETV Hellas
Stream Greece:  Entertainment TV-Station