Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Mirame TV
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Tenerife
Mision Cristiana Elim (Canal 27)
Stream El Salvador:  Religous TV-Station
Miskolc TV
Stream Hungary:  Local TV-Station from Miskolc
Stream US-Utah:  Video Blog
MIT World
Stream US-Massachusetts:  On demand video from events at MIT.
Mittelbayerische Zeitung (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung.
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.
Mittelhaardter Rundschau (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Mittelhaardter Rundschau.
Mittelhessen TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV-Station from Gießen
Mittelsachsen TV
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Mittelsachsen
Mittelschwaebische Nachrichten (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Mittelschwaebische Nachrichten.
Mix 105
878 kB Netherlands:  Local TV-Station from Steenwijkerland
Mixery Raw De Luxe TV
Stream Germany:  Music TV-Station from Birmingham
MJC Macau Jockey Club
Stream Macau:  Horse Racing TV-Station from Macau (Some races live, VOD as well)
MLB (Major League Baseball) by ESPN
Stream US-New York:  Famous Sport TV-Station (Pay TV)
Stream US-Michigan:  Community shared videos from the state of Michigan
mobil tv (MYK TV)
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Mayen-Koblenz
Stream US-California:  Lifestyle and fashion
Moda TV
Stream Italy:  Fashion TV
Stream US-New York:  Informations about the life of the supermodel
ModernLiving TV
Stream Germany:  Dining and life in the region
Stream Germany:  Berlin fashion video magazine reports about the young fashion scene.
Mog TV
Stream US-California:  Music TV-Station
Mohabat TV
141 kB Iran:  Religous TV-Station
Mohacs TV
No Stream Hungary:  WEB-TV Station
Moin Moin Video (MMV)
Stream Germany:  Video portal over Schleswig-Holstein, with its objects of interest and good addresses
Moj TV
Stream Slovenia:  Local TV-Station from Selnica and Dravi
Stream US-New York:  From food to extreme locales and high tech toys ...
Mokpo MBC
Stream Korea, South:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream US-California:  Online community where Moms can share videos on the intricacies of motherhood.
Stream US-Florida:  Interviews and financial advice from "business gurus".
Mongkol Channel
Stream Thailand:  Entertainment TV-Station
Monte Carlo TV (Canal 4)
Stream Uruguay:  Local TV-Station from Montevideo
Monte Maria
Stream Mexico:  Christian Channel
Monterey County (MGTV28, Granicus)
Stream US-California:  Monterey County TV
Montgomery Community Television (Access 19, Cranicus)
Stream US-Maryland:  Montgomery Community Television
Monti TV
Stream Italy:  Culture TV-Station
Montreal TV
Stream Canada:  Montreal city magazine
Moon1 TV
Stream France:  Fashion, clubbing, and nightlife in Paris
Moosburger Zeitung (BDZV)
Stream Germany:  WEB-TV of the newspaper Moosburger Zeitung.
Mopal TV
Stream Japan:  Entertainment TV-Station
Mopeten TV
Stream Germany:  Motorcycle TV magazine
More 4
Stream U. Kingdom:  Entertainment TV-Station
Moritz TV (UNI Greifswald)
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Greifswald
Mosaik TV
Stream France:  Local TV-Station from Sarreguemines
Motogp France
Stream France:  Motor sport TV-Station
Motogp Germany
Stream Germany:  Motor sport TV-Station
Motogp Italy
Stream Italy:  Motor sport TV-Station
Motogp Japan
Stream Japan:  Motor sport TV-Station
Motogp Portugal
Stream Portugal:  Motor sport TV-Station