Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Sport TV1
VoD Portugal:  Sport TV-Station.
Sport TV2 (TV Cabo)
No Stream Portugal:  Sport TV-Station.
Stream U. Kingdom:  Sport TV-Station.
Stream Romania:  Sport TV-Station.
Stream U. Kingdom:  Sport TV-Station from Leeds
Sportdigital TV
Stream Germany:  Team Handball worldcup Germany. Team Handball Bundesliga (Pay TV)
Sportdiver Magazine
Stream US-Florida:  Web TV of the magazine Sportdiver.
Sportna TV
Stream Slovenia:  Sport TV-Station.
Sports Rubbish
Stream US-New York:  Videos with all the silly things in the world of sports.
Stream Jamaica:  Sports TV-Station
Stream Canada:  Famous Sport TV-Station
Sportspool TV
Stream Germany:  Sport WEB-TV
Sporttime TV
Stream Austria:  Kinds of sport such as soccer, ice hockey, engine heaven, cycle racing and winter sports.
Sportzu TV
Stream US-Colorado:  Sports video and social network
Stream Germany:  Sport portal with current videos
St. Louis Rams
Stream US-Missouri:  St. Louis Rams (football)
Steep Hill TV
Stream US-California:  Bike racing and touring reports
Stock Car Racing
Stream US-North Carolina:  Videos from the Stock Car Racing magazine.
Street Legal TV
Stream US-California:  Racing TV
Stream US-California:  Video sharing service that specifically caters to car and motorcycle enthusiasts.
VoD Netherlands:  Sport TV-Station.
No Stream Greece:  Famous Sport TV-Station
SurfE TV
Stream Brazil:  Suf videos from around the world.
Stream US-California:  TV around Surfing
SUU T-Bird Zone
VoD US-Utah:  University Basketball
Stream US-New York:  Swimming videos from training to water aerobics.
Swimming World TV
Stream US-Arizona:  Swimming TV from the world leading magazine
t2p TV (Sailing on demand)
Stream US-Maryland:  Sailing Videos of Sailboat Races
Team USA
Stream US-Colorado:  United States Olympic Committee Website.
Teen TV
Stream US-Ohio:  Skate Videos
Tele Sport
No Stream Albania:  Sport TV-Station
Stream Italy:  Sports channel
Stream Israel:  Sports TV. Stream on Website
Ten Sports Middle East
Stream U. A. E.:  Sport TV-Station from Dubai Media City
Tennis TV
Stream U. Kingdom:  Tennis related videos.
Stream US-California:  Tennis TV
Stream Slovenia:  Tennis video on how to improve your game
Stream US-New Mexico:  Share your tennis videos with friends
VoD US-Texas:  Official Website from the Texas Longhorns
The American Baller
Stream US-California:  Videos covering high school sport.
The Chalk Bucket
Stream US-Wisconsin:  Gymnastics fan community with videos to share.
The Fight Nerd
Stream US-California:  The containment unit of combat sports
The Fit Show TV
Stream US-California:  Informations for Bodybuilders
The Golf Scene
Stream US-Illinois:  Golf Tip Videos from Steve Kashul
The Horse
Stream US-Kentucky:  Videos from The Horse magazine.
Stream US-Arizona:  The Mountain West Sports Network (Collegiate sports)
The New Warrior
Stream Netherlands:  Martial Arts techniques and fight training videos
THE PLAYERS Golf Championship
Stream US-California:  THE PLAYERS Golf Championship (TPC at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Golf)
The Skate Spot
Stream US-New York:  Skateboarding related videos.
The Ski Channel
Stream US-California:  Ski related videos