Global internetTV Portal - Streams
Euer Radio Webcam
Stream Germany:  Euer Radio Webcam with Studio view
EURO 3 Bodensee Ost
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Friedrichshafen
EURO 3 Bodensee West
Stream Germany:  Local TV-Station from Friedrichshafen
Stream Bulgaria:  European Folklore. Only the WEB
EuroNews Austria
Stream Austria:  News TV-Station
European News Excange
Stream U. Kingdom:  European affairs
Stream US-Alabama:  Global Catholic Network
Exibart TV
Stream Italy:  Exhibition Television
Expo channel
Stream Australia:  Direct Marketing
Stream Greece:  Entertainment TV-Station
Extra TV 42
Site Costa Rica:  Entertainment TV-Station
Extremo Canal 14
Stream Dom. Republic:  Entertainment TV-Station
Faap TV
Stream Brazil:  Education TV from Sao Paulo
Faikham TV
Stream Thailand:  Ramkhamhaeng University (Bangkok)
Familia TV
Stream US-Texas:  Religous TV-Station
Family TV
Stream Germany:  WEB TV-Station from Lautenbach
Fashion Television Channel
Stream Canada:  Fashion TV-Station
fashion tv France
Stream France:  Fashion TV, all about fashion
Findaway TV Berliner Stadtfernsehen
Site Germany:  Alternative television from Berlin (QuickTime needed)
Firaset TV
Stream Turkey:  Entertainment TV-Station
Flash TV
Stream Turkey:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Japan:  Fuji News Network TV.
FollowMe TV
Site Taiwan:  General Entertainment TV-Station
Frecuencia Latina (Canal 2)
Site Peru:  National television channel from Lima.
Frederick County (FCGTV, Granicus)
Stream US-Maryland:  Frederick County TV
Fun Channel America
Stream US-Georgia:  Local TV-Station from Tifton
Gala TV
Stream Armenia:  Entertainment TV-Station
Gelderland TV
Stream Netherlands:  Regional TV from Gelderland
Gem Shopping Network
Stream US-New York:  Shopping channel
Gems TV
Stream U. Kingdom:  Shopping TV
Stream Turkey:  Music TV-Station
Gercek TV
Site Turkey:  Entertainment TV-Station
GIGA Games
Stream Austria:  Info about computer, games .... (Pay TV on the WEB)
Stream Germany:  Info about computer, games .... (NBC Europe)
Glendale 11
Stream US-Arizona:  Local TV-Station from Glendale
Glendale Daily Planet (KKAT-TV)
Stream US-Arizona:  Local TV-Station from Glendale
Global Family Network
Stream US-Tennessee:  Religious TV-Station
Globo TV Honduras
Stream Honduras:  Entertainment TV-Station
Stream Venezuela:  Entertainment TV-Station
GNN News Network
Stream Philippines:  Public affairs cable channel.
God Channel Australia
Stream Australia:  Religous TV-Station
God Channel South Africa
Stream South Africa:  Religous TV-Station
GOV TV - Government Television
Stream US-New Mexico:  Government Television Cable Channel 16
Government Television 3 (GTV3)
Stream US-Kentucky:  Local TV-Station from Fayette
Stream Netherlands:  Local TV-Station from Friesland
Greek Architects
Stream Greece:  Architectural Television Station.
Groningen Webcam
Stream Netherlands:  Webcam Grote Markt Groningen.
Grosse Caisse WebTV
Stream France:  Indie electro pop rock music
Guadalajara TV
Stream Spain:  Local TV-Station from Guadalajara
Stream Guatemala:  Entertainment TV-Station